Scope of Services


Vision Community Management is dedicated to providing solutions for community associations. We prepare our clients for the challenges communities face on a daily basis, through guidance, education and technology. For more than a decade we have been serving the Valley's communities by offering our clients a variety of services and education to help them plan for the future.

We believe professional management matters to associations. Vision Community Management serves as an expert partner with Board Members, becoming their compass in leading and recommending best practices. Our internal performance standards and experienced managers work as advocates for the Board and homeowners.

Board Training Sessions

Scope of Services

Education is critical to your successful HOA Board. We are committed to sharing our resources and tools at our Board Training sessions. Topics include:

  • Conducting Effective Board and Community Meetings
  • How to Establish Rules and Guidelines
  • Working with your Committees
  • Budget and Financials
  • Communication Procedures
  • Understanding Parliamentary Procedures
  • Managing the Community's Risk
  • Understanding the legal implications and requirements that affect homeowner associations

We commit ourselves to delivering superior quality services and education. Moving forward we will create the building blocks that will define Community Management for the future.

We Are Vision Focusing on your community's future


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